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Display Module
HMI display module with high resolution and CAN or CANopen interface - customer specific foil design is possible. Made in Germany.
Triple Housing Unit
Dreifach Gehäuse
Flexible combination of HMI modules with the MOBA trible housing unit. Small production quanitites are possible directly in Germany.
Single Housing Unit
Einfach Gehäuse
rugged designed MOBA single housing for HMI modules like joystick display or keypad - modular construction design and service friendly concept. Optimal product for system application engineers and machine manufacturer. Made in Germany.
Keypad Module 6 Keys with emergency stop
HMI Keypad module which can be produce in small quantities directly in Germany - the foil could be designed in your company CI.
Joystick Module, non-lockable
Robust designed HMI Joystick module with special potting combound protects electronics- small production quantities are possible directly in Germany.
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