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Ultrasonic Sensor Sonic-Ski
Sonic Ski Sensor Plus - Multiple Ultrasonic...
It is only a replacement for Vögele Asphalt Pavers. Contact-free sensing from the ground, string line or curb for the grade control. That means maximum flexibility by using different references, no mechanical wear, no soiling of the...
Big Sonic-Ski 13m mechanical Kit
Big Sonic-Ski - Modular Kit 13m - replaces...
Mechanic assembly for 3 grade sensors, with dismountable swing arm but without tow arm bracket.
Vögele Junction Box
Big-Ski Junction Box replaces Vögele 2037420
Junction Box compatible with Vögele-Pavers connects 3 grade sensors with CAN interface for avaraging. Connector: 8 pin Baj. male (analog), 3 x 7 pin Baj. female (CAN) CAN interface: CAN ISO 11898 - 24 V 125 kBit/sec Output: Analog 0 to 8...
Ultrasonic Sensor MOBA-Sonic Vögele
MOBA Sonic III replaces Vögele 2013496, 2013495...
Contact free ultrasonic measurement for optimal fleet management from asphalt in paver screed.
Adapter Box for Vögele Controllers
Adapterbox suitable for Vögele-Pavers
Adapterbox suitable for Vögele-Pavers directs 2 controllers to one central machine connector. Cable length: 3 Meter Converts NPN to PNP (for Vögele paver) Connectors: 2 x CA 10 pole male (left/right), 1 x Harting 10 pole male (machine)
12m Connector Coil Cable
12 m Connector Coil Cable replaces Vögele...
12 Meter Connection Coil Cable from Junction Box/Sensor to leveling control unit Length: 12 Meter (streched) Connector: 8 pin Baj. female, 8 pin Baj. male
Coil Connector Cable 12m
12m CAN Connector Coil Cable replaces Vögele...
12m CAN Connector Coil Cable replaces Vögele 2037422 Length: 12 Meter (stretched) Connectors: 7 pin Baj. female (CAN), 7 pin Baj. male (CAN)
6m CAN Connection coil cable
6m CAN Connector Coil Cable replaces Vögele...
6m CAN Connector Coil Cable replaces Vögele 2037423
Transportation Case Big Ski Vögele
Big Sonic-Ski Case replaces Vögele 2271509
Transportation Case for Big Sonic-Ski Electronic Components.
Multiplex Big Sonic Ski Asphalt Pavers
Big Sonic Ski - Supplement Kit - replaces...
The Bigski achieves maximum planarity during asphalt paving, making it unrivaled in its precision. With three sensors, long unevenness that occur in regular intervals of five to seven meters, can be detected. This increases the...